Tuesday February 11, 2020 is Election Day!

















Hillsborough County -- February 10. Mary tried in vain to get media attention in Manchester For the Trump rally, people were sleeping in tents on Elm St in the rain and there was quite a Security presence.





Merrimack County -- February 8, 2020 -- Maxwell was interviewed at the Food Co-op by Nathan Thornburgh of "Kingdoms and Roads" for a podcast.

February 7 -- Mary sold her wares to students at Uni of New Hampshire Law School's Jury Box Cafe.













Main St, Concord -- February 6, Mary's appointment at David's Hair Salon (corner of Pleasant St) turned into a big surprise. He said he got famous in 2008 when he offered $400 haircuts to presidential candidates and CNN and MSNBC showed up to photograph it all. The money went to Autism Society.












Out-of-County -- February 5, Maxwell attended a breakfast with her beloved Federalist Society in "Greater Concord," which is to say, Boston. The speaker was Navy Capt. and Heritage Foundation scholar Cully Stimson, on Immigration Courts. See for details on joining the society.


Hillsborough County --Tuesday, February 4, 2020, at 7pm, Maxwell was at Young Republican bash (age no bar) at Murphy's Tap Room, Manchester.





















Tuesday January 28, at 6:30 pm Mary was an invited speaker at the Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm's College in Goffstown. Her talk will appear on C-span under the heading "Lesser-known Candidates."


Carroll County -- Saturday, January 25, 5:00 pm, State-office candidates and Mary addressed a dinner gathering at the Lobster Trap Restaurant, West Side Rd. Conway. The forecast said "snow" but it did not happen. The whole thing was wonderful (old-school New Hampshire with oodles of camaraderie) and knocked Mary for a loop.


















Merrimack County:-- January 22, at 9:30 am. Mary was thrilled to participate in Legislative hearings at the State House on the subjects of Family Law and the Opioid Crisis. See Articles page for her report.

Stayed at Schoolhouse Inn, beaut.

Lobster Trap

Senate candidate General Bolduc on left

(but definitely not on left).

Supposed to be watching State of the Union speech in a sports bar, Feb 4

With David's kids, holding 2008 memorabilia.

David beautifies a customer.

NH Sec'y of State Bill Gardner accepts filing from William Weld

Snow could help.

Jury Box at UNH Law School      

Horses for Trump, Manchester

People queuing in rain

Pals at the Windmill, Concord.

Maxwell is grateful that State Bldg flies POW-MIA flag.



January 21, Maxwell, who has no shooting skills but is almost outlandishly uncompromising on the 2nd Amendment, offered some thoughts at the Gun Owners monthly meeting at the Holiday Inn, Concord. It was noted that there are more than a dozen bills pending in the State legislature that do not appear to be about firearms but which will restrict your gun rights in in subtle ways. (Another candidate, David Thistle, said his 2nd amendment philosophy extends to having an aircraft carrier at his pier.)

Tulsi and anti-war

Mary and David Thistle

January 14, 2020 -- New Hampshire Institute of Technology, Concord.  Mary "crossed the aisle" to attend a panel discussion about war powers. Journalist  Steven Kinzer, Candidate Tulsi Gabbard, Law professor Lawrence Lessig, and former Congressman Dennis Kucinich held forth vigorously against the US's sloppy foreign policy in the Middle East. It was a joy and reminded Maxwell that such discussions used to be the norm.  Why did they disappear?

Hillsborough County -- Wednesday, January 8 at 8:40 am. Mary was a speaker at New England College Conference on NH's First-in-the-Nation Primary. Other candidates taking part were Steyer, Klobuchar, Bennett, Gabbard, Weld, and Biden's wife. In reply to candidate Marianne Williamson's promise, offering to pay reparations with regard to slavery, Mary said it might be appropriate to pay reparations to persons who became cocaine addicts as a result of the CIA's importation of drugs during Iran/contra in the 1980s.

With Steph, a student at New England College

The Louisiana delegates at NEC



Coos County: December 26, "Boxing Day." Enjoyed meeting littlies at Library in Gorham.

 Christmas in North Conway, very nice!

Sign at Congregational Church in Gorham, NH

Merrimack County: December 17, 2019. My first campaign talk was to a group of Second Amendment activists.








I told them they are way too optimistic about stopping gun confiscation. Get a free download of my book Port Arthur from the Books page. In that 1996 episode (in Australia) a patsy, Martin Bryant, age 28, was set up to perform a massacre of 35 people (actually performed by skilled marksmen) and he is still in prison for it. Meanwhile all guns were swept up in a "buyback" by the government. Today, a politician in Virginia adumbrates a gun confiscation, soon, by the National Guard. Already it is occurring, piecemeal, in state legislation. Remember: unconstitutional laws are null. "The right to keep and bear arms ...shall not be infringed."

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