Truth Books and Truth Reporters

Nowadays it is hard to establish trust. I can tell you of stuff I've read whose authors seem to me to be honest. Here are used books that you can buy fairly cheap at

David Ray Griffin: 9/11 Commission Report: Distortions and Omissions. Lives up to its title. It's cautious and scholarly.

Charlotte Iserbyt: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. Free download. You can't beat the price!

John Taylor Gatto: Weapons of Mass Instruction. re schools.


Sidney Powell: License To Lie. Can you guess that it's about the behavior of the Dept of Justice in court cases?

Harold Saxton Burr: Fields of Life. Electromagnetics. OMG.

Anything by George Crile, MD (1865-1943). Suppressed.

Monika Jensen-Stevenson: Spite House. Vietnam vet POW and the way we treated him. All you need to know, really.

Elias Davidson: The Hijacking of America's Mind [I'll say!] on 911. Elias, in Germany, also compares many false flags.

The Founders Constitution, ed by Kurland. Weighs a ton but is essential concerning our birth and our weapons of liberty.

Bryan Stevenson: Just Mercy. Kleenex time, racial injustice.

Philip Allott, he of the great mind: Eutopia. A good future!

Wm Nelson: Americanization of the Common Law. Pure sex.

Keith Harmon Snow: Worst Interests of the Child. Vital truth about Child Protection Services. Your duty to stop this in US.

Remember the Liberty [sunken ship]. Bigger than 9-11. Or just see my review of it on the Articles page. Nuke war, LBJ.

Reporters whom I urge you to trust:

G Ed Griffin -- in his Eighties. Founder of Red Pill University.

Jim Corbett, the Jim Corbett Report on Youtube.

The Herland Report, deep, by a Scandanavian lady. Youtube

Ron Paul Institute, to keep Congress on its toes. Ah, a joke.

James Perloff, especially his 2-hour talk on False Flags.

Wm Engdahl. His Seeds of Destruction is about, well, seeds.

The late Sherman Skolnick. The male version of myself.

Fran Shure, helpful psychologist who knows our fatal flaws.

I am sorry for not providing more names of trusted brethren.

This reflects my ignorance plus, maybe, a lack of nominees.

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