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Mary w Maxwell


Hi! I am a protector of Law as against the "powerful".


Right now attentive to Lockdown (aka the Great Reset) and the Vaccine genocide. I am currently before the court seeking a restraining order against mandatory vaccination. I write books and articles and give lectures. Have filed lawsuits against the FBI and FEMA. I will do hand-stands if necessary. Short of that, I wish to form a citizen- led Grand Jury.


​The Campaign page is about the 2020 NH Primary, in which I came third (after President Trump and Governor Weld). The Books, Articles and Videos pages reflect my research work of many years.

Topics on which I can be a guest speaker are: false flags, mind control, treason, Child “Protection” Services and judicial corruption.

Also happy stuff like the US Constitution, EO Wilson's work on the origin of creativity, and Philip Allott's"Eutopia".

Journalists whom I trust include Jon Rappoport, Jim Corbett, and Elias Davidson. 

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Mary Maxwell, born in Boston MA in 1947, graduated from Emmanuel College, and got a Master of Liberal Arts at Johns Hopkins. Moved to Australia in 1980 for marriage. Completed a PhD and a Law degree at University of Adelaide. Ran for Congress in NH 2nd district in 2006. Wikipedia notes that Charlie Bass "easily defeated challenges from Bob Danderson [mayor of Berlin NH] and 9-11 critic and constitutionalist Mary Maxwell." Fancy any Republican being other than a constitutionalist!


Mary is currently an amicus curiae in the Tsarnev (Marathon) appeal. She is the Plaintiff in Maxwell v Federal Bureau of Investigation et al. In 2017 she was the Appellant in Maxwell v Trump, which opposed Trump's threat to use nuclear weapons. In 2018-2019 her work was mainly in Australia in regard to the disappearance of kids. She rails against the suppression of medical cures for cancer, not to mention the genocidal 5G technology.


Mary Maxwell
175 Loudon Rd, Apt 1
Concord, NH 03301

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