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Mary w Maxwell


Greetings.  I did not win that seat in Congress -- I am now on the ballot in NH in the presidential primary 2024. I am a Republican but the Party system is not the limits of my awareness. 


Let's just get on with fixing up our nation. I look forward to hearing from you.  Not to tell me additional horrible things, but to yell some new ideas about how we can emerge from today's crisis and create something wonderful.  It has been done in the past and there's no reason why we can't do it now!

Please browse this website. On the Court page you'll see that I was the first to file an anti-vax federal lawsuit. Does that make me a conspir-acy theorist?  Of course.  Anyone who doesn't think the government is angelic can qualify for the conpiracy label.  On the Video page, you see that I campaigned for Congress in 2006 on the theme "9-11 was an Inside Job." I nevertheless won 11%, againt the incumbent.  On the Books page are free downloads of my long-form work. 

At the moment I am headed for Hawaii to get an up-close look at the use of Directed Energy Weapons being used domestically. Sure, I know it's embarrassing to say something like that, but isn't it even more embarrasing to deny that such a thing can occur? I will report back if I find the claim to be unwarranted, promise.

I'm in love with the Constitution.  I am a sociobiologist (my earlier career was focused on evolutionary biology) and I see law as virtually an anatomical appendage in our species. Gotta have law -- so why not make it a work of art? Our legal heritage is nearly that good but needs some, ahem, tweaking.   Vitally, we need some Golden Prosecutions. These have been forbidden for almost a century.  How stupid!  Please come to one of my meetings and we can do a "moot grand jury."

Meetings at Concord Community Center, 14 Canterbury Rd, Concord:

Saturday November 25, from 12 Noon to 2pm, and Monday November 27, from 5pm to 7pm.   It's BYOA (bring your own anger).

That's in the capital city of the free-est state in the great USA.

Your contact (see below) would be very welcome and appreciated:

arch over stste house.jpg

Mary Maxwell, photo May 4, 2022


Mary Maxwell
175 Loudon Rd, Apt 6
Concord, NH 03301

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