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Mary Maxwell

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Photo snapped on the upper deck during a Lake Winnipesaukee cruise in 2022 -- to which the distress flag was later added.

That was my campaign picture when I ran for Congress in 2022 and for president in 2024. I got 671 votes for Congress. The 268 votes I got for president were about one-six-hundredth of what Trump got (in New Hampshire, in January 2024), so it was not exactly a close race!

I signed up for the run with a plan to make it a one-issue campaign, regarding the Maui fires in Hawaii. There is a continuing genocide going on in Hawaii. The government and the media will make sure it is not publicized. Your help is needed. Right here in America. -- see the Maui page. I've also produced, to tell Bostonians they ought to grow up and recognize a false-flag when they see one.

Please hit the Books page for downloadable books authored by me, and the Videos page for other efforts to teach. The Courts page will show you the lawsuits I have filed, but even this method does not work.  I think we are in extreme trouble. The Amend page is about the US Constitution -- we should be sure to preserve it or there will be chaos.

Quick bio of Mary Maxwell: Born in Boston, married in Australia. Also lived in United Arab Emirates. BA from Emmanuel College, MLA from Johns Hopkins, PhD and law degree from Adelaide University. Still in possession of marbles. Eager to welcome a contact from you, below.
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Mary Maxwell
175 Loudon Rd, Apt 6
Concord, NH 03301

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