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Mary speaks on the Don Jeffreis show about the book "Burn Back Better"

US Navy using energy weapons (no bullets) in 2014.
We don't have to kill, just because it's possible!

I aim to make the Maui fire the center of my candidacy in the 2024 Republican presidential primary. I feel certain that the fire was not natural but was done by high-tech weaponry. Just imagine it, destroying a thousand homes IN THE UNITED STATES, and killing at least 97 people -- and you are not supposed to talk about it!


For ten years I have been the Opinion Editor at, based in Australia. This page houses articles I have published concerning Maui. As you will see, my inclination is always to run to the law to see what can be done. Believe me, a lot can be done.  Sky's the limit!  

A Proposed Redevelopment Authority in Maui [Mar 3, 2024]


Why Didn’t We Stop the Yalta Agreement? Some Thoughts on Maui [Jan 8, 2024]

Addressing the Maui Council about the Toxic Dump [Jan 3, 2024]


You Are Hereby Ordered To Buy These Books Or Wear a Dunce Cap [Dec 10, 2023]


The Maui Fire Was Caused by Directed Energy. Period. Full Stop. Amen.   [Dec 6, 2023]


Some Thoughts from a Battlefield Ignoramus  [Nov 9, 2023]

Stop the Mozzie Attack in Hawaii NOW! [Nov 8, 2023]


Hawaiian Webhost Michele Melendez Is a Phenomenon   [Oct 7, 2023]


Imagining the Attacks of 9/11 and the Maui Fires As War…    [Sep 11, 2023]

Start a Truth Commission Immediately Regarding the Maui Fires  [Sep 10, 2023]

Take the Maui Problem to Court, Fast, by Seeking an Injunction…  [Sep 6, 2023]

Special Police in Maui and the Deprivation of Rights under Color…  [Sep 5, 2023]

Hawaii and the “Guarantee Clause” of the US Constitution  [Sep 28, 2023]

On Behalf of the Contiguous 48 States, I Apologize to Hawaii   [Sep 26, 2023]

Applying the Law to 9/11 and Lahaina, Part One: Who Are…  [Sep 21, 2023]

The Clean-up of the Fires in US is Being Done by…   [Sep 3, 2023]

Grenfell Towers Fire, London, As Exposed by Sonia Poulton  [Sep 1, 2023]


Mary Maxwell at Millhouse Plantation in Maui, December 1, 2023

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