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September 2020

Craig Murray Provides Brilliant Reportage of Assange Trial

Serene Teffaha’s Class Action Suit against the Covid Nonsense

Dear Cousin Reginald, at the Start of Our Twentieth Post-9-11 Year

In Victoria, 13 Sensible Doctors Advise Premier TO Ease Covid-19 Restrictions

August 2020

Heartbroken Dads in the “Legal” Child-Stealing Game

No, It Is Not a Crime to Report a Crime. It Is a Crime to Not Report a Crime

What’s an Australian To Do When Told To Take an Unwanted Vaccination?

James Perloff’s Book on Covd-19, Hot Off the Press

My Newborn Refused the Hep-b Shot!

Appeals Decision from Boston Marathon Court: Not Bad, Could Be Worse

July 2020

9-11 Commission, Eat Your Heart Out

URGENT Information on Bioweaponry Relevant to a Pandemic (including Ott’s Tomato...

Prosecuting COVID-19 Treason

Can Fiona Barnett Sue for MK-Ultra?

The Sociobiological Basis of Tragedies That Are Ensuing from the Pandemic

We Need a “Government in Exile” within Australia

June 2020

A Letter to Reach Out and Warn Reluctant Citizens To See What Is about To Happen

Reminiscences of Dr Fredrick Töben

An International Criminal Court Should Be Run by Laypersons, If at All


How Do You Solve a Problem Like Giordano?

James Giordano Has Neuro-weapons To Attack You and Says Game On!

What Be the Intellectual’s Duty in Today’s Pandemic Crisis?

Is Bill Gates Related to Cecil Rhodes? Let’s Ask Macgregor and Docherty

Shaun Attwood and Jon Wedger Talk about the Killings of People Who Expose Child Abuse

Phoenix, John Judge’s Mother, and CFR as JFK’s Killer

Media Deprecates Pete Evans’ Vaccine Dissent

The Re-set Arrangers: Are They Evil? Are They Demented?

How Many Styles of Government Are There?

Congress: A Probable Conspiracy To Kill JFK.  John Judge Asks for More

Education, Part 2: The Re-Set Was Being Prepared in 1928 — You Need To Stop It

Education, Part 1: Tatu Vanhanen’s Theory of the Role of Intellectual Resources in Political Power

Riots, The Dick Act, the National Guard, and Militias


Introducing the Dzhokhar Doctrine of Nullity from Mismatch

For Whom Do Soldiers Work? Can They Disobey Illegal Orders? Vignettes from Fiona Barnett

Sotomayor Sticks Up for the Victim of Police Gunfire

How Does One Recognize a Major Turning Point in History?

May 2020

An Open Letter to Selectmen regarding the Lockdown in Concord, Massachusetts

Mikovits, 5G, and Economic Collapse, Part 9: Remedies by Citizens


Mikovits, 5G, and Economic Collapse, Part 8: The Crimes of “Operation Covid”

Mikovits, 5G, and Economic Collapse, Part 7: Crack Down on the Envisioners and the Unaccountable



Mikovits, 5G, and Economic Collapse, Part 6: Whose Got Bats in the Belfry Now?t

Mikovits, 5G, and Economic Collapse, Part V: Six Categories of Trouble



Mikovits, 5G, and Economic Collapse, Part IV: Dr Rashid Buttar Made a Booboo

Mikovits, 5G, and Economic Collapse, Part III: “Tracing” the Fourth Amendment

Mikovits, 5g, and Economic Collapse, Part II: Imagining Some Prosecutions and Lawsuits


What To Believe? Is It All Personal Greed? Is it Mind Control? Do Folks Really Believe the Satan Stuff?

Mikovits, Vaccinations, and 5G, Part 1: Glossary of Law

The Normal Normal

Happy 53rd Birthday to Martin Bryant

Goodplan: Opposing the New World Order and Its Bosses, Sensibly

April 2020


South Australia’s Underworld Includes Killers, Bagmen, Child Molesters, Police, Lawyers, and Judges

What Dr Day and Gunther Russbacher Predicted about a One World Economic System, Coming Soon

Maduro Asks Americans for Help; So Does Jahar Tsarnaev

Student Quiz: What Will Be Stamping on the Human Face, and for How Long?



F-Bombs Away!  Poor Bill Gates Is Taking It Hard from Africa.  Thank you, Africa!



Can They Give Me a Jab If I Say No?

Where Are the Other Nine?  (Montana Doctor Shows Death Certificates Cheat, Claiming COVID Did It)

Lionel Dole on Vaccines and Eleanor McBean on Polio, Using the Word “Poisoners”

COVID-19, Fiona Barnett, Lyme Disease, John Curnow, Willy Burgdorf, and Kris Newby

Protective Mum Takes a Knee, Skips Her Custody Trial

Corona Virus: Fulfillment of Six of Dr Richard Day’s Predictions

What Makes for a “Conspiracy Theory” With Regard to the Corona Virus?

March 2020

What Makes for a “Conspiracy Theory” With Regard to the Corona Virus?

Holocaust Revisionism, Part 7: How To Speak Truth to Power, and Faurisson’s Example

Cataloguing Gumshoe’s Articles about the Beer Virus

Tulsi, How Could You Do This to Us?

The Fragility of Judges – Shane Dowling Shirtfronts “Damian Speers”



The Boston Marathon Theory of the Corona Virus


The Day the Loo Paper Died



Comments on Christopher Bollyn, by Christopher Brooks and the Gumshoe Gang


Is Dzokhar Tsarnaev Still Alive? And Should We Rehash 9-11 and Resurrect Iran-Contra?



Nate Woods in Alabama. Please God, Not Another Troy-Davis Tragedy

How To Demand a Special Prosecutor (for Child Trafficking) Amidst a Conflict of Interest — As in Ohio

Whistleblowing Will Be Helped by Tom Mueller’s Book

February 2020

Why Did Rand Paul Reveal the Impeachment Whistleblower’s Name?



Stare Decisis Ain’t What It Used To Be: NY Attorneys-General Host Post-Conviction Reviews

Wrestling Coach Jim Jordan Allegedly Cried, To Get Victims to Shut Up

Mary Maxwell in the 2020 NH Primary — Good Results!

Conspiracy Theory of Presidential Candidate Maxwell, Part 3: Reality As I See It



Why the Gal from South Australia Is Not a Household Word Today



Julian Assange and the State of the Union



A 21st Century Day That Shall Live in Infamy

January 2020

My Not-So-False Memories of Books by Cathy O’Brien and Brice Taylor

If Trump Resigns, Repubs Can Help Pence Select an Impressive VP


Family Law, Opioid Crisis, States Rights, and Wondrous Civility in the Granite State

Conspiracy Theory of Presidential Candidate Maxwell, Part 1: Our Orwellian Path

Conspiracy Theory of Presidential Candidate Maxwell, Part 2: It's Structural and Mathematical


Dreyfuss’s Report on US Arranging the Ayatollah’s 1979 “Coup” — and a Mention of the Sydney Siege



Congressional Restriction on President’s War-Making — a Pleasant Shock for Court-Watchers

“And Finishing Off with Iran” — A Conspiracy for World War Three.  Is It Treason?



The Milkman Cometh (Regarding Maxwell v Federal Bureau of Investigation et al)

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Bush’s Funeral — Could a Military Tribunal Have Legally Executed Him?

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