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The Covid Mikado, in Four Acts

Music by Arthur Sullivan,   Lyrics by Mary W Maxwell




                1.  The Media.  "We're from the Media and We're Here To Help"

                2.   The Senate and the DOJ.  "Behold the Mighty Attorney General"

                3.  The CDC.  "We Are the Masters; You Are Slaves"

                4.  The US Supreme Court.   Justice Amy Barrett. "Witness My Distress"

                5.  David Rockefeller.  "The Globalists Have Won!"




                6.  President John Magufuli, MD.  "My Paw-paw Took the PCR Test"               

                7.  Rashid Buttar, DO.  "We Can Rule the World, You and I"

                8.  Erik Enby, MD,  "Don't Gargle My Particles"

                9.  Mike Yeadon, PhD.  "How Bad Is Your Batch?"

                10.  James Miller, MD. "I Swear This All Happened in My Hospital"




                11.  Catherine Austin Fitts. "We Call It Disaster Capitalism""

                12.  Steve Kirsch, BA. "Please Do It for the Kids"

                13.   Jon Rappaport. "I Remember AIDS and the OKC Bomb"

                14.  Pierre Kory, MD.  "Ivermectin Hits the Spot"

                15.  Peter McCullough, MD, MPH. "We Need an Art of War"




                16.  Mary W Maxwell, LLB. "Donde Es the Bill of Rights?"                

                17.  Reiner Fuellmich, JD. "I've Got a Little List for Nuremberg.2"

                18.  Rep. Kazuhiro Haraguchi.  "Japan, We in Government Did Wrong"

                19.  Dee McLachlan, BA.  "Arrest the Chief Health Officer"

                20.  Reprise

In London, in 1885, Gilbert and Sullivan produced a light opera, The Mikado.  It laughed at some British social issues, disguising them within a romantic conflict, set in Japan. For today's purposes, Sullivan's music will be used to lighten up some dreary stuff, not to say murderous stuff, about the Covid pandemic.


In March of 2020, governments all around the world announced the frightening spread of a new illness, Covid-19. The "19" stands for 2019, the year in which the first Covid patient was spotted in China. Most of our citizens do not yet realize how much we got conned. Any government can tell the tallest of tales with "authority" and the media will pump it up to the max. Let's face it, humans are wonderfully gullible.



                      [Narrator]:  ACT I -- "AUTHORITIES"


Here are some examples of the self-confidence of the powerful.  The CDC is part of the wholly unconstitutional Department of Health and Human Services. David Rockefeller had been making decisions for the US and other governments for a half century.  In 2014, his Foundation had the chutzpah to publish the entire layout of the Covid pandemic. It's still in print.  The mass media took on role of health supervisors. They told you to mask up and to practice social-distancing, and don't go outdoors. Did the US Supreme Court intervene in any way? Not on your nellie. Not even to uphold the Fourth Amendment against invasions of one's body, as sung here by Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Another singer in Act I will be Senator Rand Paul (you know I mean an actor will sing that role). He complains of the covert payments made by the United States to scientists in China. Dr Fauci will sing back..

1. The Media

We're from the Media and We're Here To Help   (“Three Little Maids from School“)


Photo: BBC

Full chorus:


We say Covid is so atrocious!

Remedy isn't all that ferocious.

Be sure to stand six feet apart.

To stand apart -- what an art!


From all your neighbors, stay away....

Please virtue-signal hard today....                      

Must it be done for the greater good?...

We rule: You should. 


Masks on faces will help survival

We were involved in their arrival,

Maskless, you can’t even board the bus.

Listen to the media, that's us.


Facial expressions are getting hidden.

Some babies think a smile’s forbidden.

But that’s a tiny price to pay.

For stuffing Covid up -- we say.


Look around you, see who’ll wear it.

Must be able to grin and bear it.

Are masks oppressive when the weather’s hot?

No, abso-LUTE-ly not.


Long ago Lancet published a paper,

We think it should go join the vapor,

It said masks can harm your breathin’

Come on already, don't believe it -- it's heathen!

2. The Senate and the DoJ

Behold the Mighty Attorney General    (“Behold the Lord High Executioner“)



Behold the Mighty Attorney General,

Who holds this most exal-ted ti-itle,

Being in charge of US federal law,

His duties are exceptionally vital.


Defer, defer, to the Lord High Executioner.

Defer, defer to Merrick Garland,

Merrick Garland, the US Attorney General.


[Senator  Rand Paul sings]:

Dr Fauci, you have lied to Congress, knowing it’s a federal cri-ime,
I hope you’re not spared from jail, as this wasn’t your first ti-ime.

Covid's not a joke; it's a tragedy, it made many families suffer.

Recall I’m a doctor, too. Of ethics, what a rupture!

You say you never funded China, for their work on gain-of-function,
I’ve got the receipts right here.  I bet you won’t show compunction.
[ Pause]


[NIH’s Dr Anthony Fauci sings]:
Senator Paul, I have to tell you,
You don’t know your arse from your elbow.
SARS came from bats in Wu-han
So I had to track that down.   


Defer, defer, to the Lord High Executioner.

Defer, defer to Merrick Garland,

Merrick Garland, High Executioner.

Oh no, no, no. To the Attorney General,

Bow down, bow down, to the lord, to the lord,

To the LO-O-ORD, Attorney General.

3.  The CDC

We Are the Masters, You Are Slaves   (“If You Want To Know Who We Are“)

photo: website of


If you want to know who we are,

We are bosses from C-D-C.

We're in charge and you must obey.

Of course that gives us glee.


The Department of Health, and Obamacare,

Are friggin' unconstitutional. What fun!


If you think we investigate vac-cines,

And worry about patient harm,

You missed the boat, ol’ Buddy,

Just obey. Stick out your arm.


Babies must follow our way.

Who cares what Mom and Dad say?

Wow, do we get off on this! Ah! Ah.

If you think we're legit you're wrong.


If u want to know who we are,

Just wake up and see the plan.

Did you get a load of VAERS?

We sought reports and many a, many a, many a,

many a, many a, many a,

many a, many a doctor sent them in.

oh oh oh oh oh.

Just fall asleep, don't see the plan.


4. The US Supreme Court

Witness My Distress    (“Here’s a How-De-Do“)


Amy Coney Barrett, judge, mother of 8 children


Here’s a How-de-do. At Indiana U,

Students sought my jurisdiction, no this isn’t just some fiction,

I can be approached. It’s legal in this circuit. Here’s a how-de-do.

Here’s a pretty mess.  In a month or less,

I must answer on these facts: Can Higher Ed demand a vax? Maxwell v Defense says

Amendment Four trumps all.  Witness my distress.


Here’s a state of things. Many laws I bring. Can we tell a private business

That in health it has no business. I’ll stay out of trouble. Don’t want to burst my bubble.

Gotta respect the Bench....

In youth, ideals of justice may be worshipped and adored.

But now I know it’s practical for rights to be ignored.

Girls ask me to save them, from a possibly fatal shot.

Do I listen, do I listen, do I help them? Or not.  What an unbelievably stu-pid state of things.


During a pandemic, one thinks of the greater good.

And so, I guess I should. But whose good is the greatest?

Here’s a pretty, pretty, pretty state of things.

Here’s a pretty hooooow-de-do.

5. Globalist leader, the late David Rockefeller

The Globalists Have Won   (“Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day“)


David Rockefeller (1915-2017)


Brightly dawns the Globalist way

Joyous hour, we give thee greeting

Wait a minute, art thou fleeting?

No, don't do that, prithee stay!

Lovely moment, prithee stay!


In Twenty-twelve, I blessed the Reset

Planned the Covid, all could be met.


‘Been at this since 'Forty-five

When the UN went alive.

Don’t forget who provided the land...

It was me.

Chorus:  Ding dong. Di-ing dong.


Been at this since 'Forty-five

When United Nations went live.

Sing a merry madrigal. Sing a merry madrigal.

Sing a merry madrigal.

Chorus: Fa la la, fa la la , : Fa la la, fa la la, Fa la la. 


I determine everything medical,

Whether factual or hypothetical,

It's all in my hands,

fa la la, Fa la la.  Fa la la ,

               fa la la, Fa la la.  Fa la la


Father and Grandpa gave me tools

To con-trol you simple fools.

When environmentalists yell "Don't pollute!"

That's when "pandemic" gets my salute.

That's when "pandemic" gets a big salute.


Media and banking were all I needed

To prevent you folks from being seeded

With big dreams or healthy schemes.

Sing a merry madrigal, sing a merry madrigal

Sing a merry madrigal, madrigal.

Ding dong. Di-ing dong.


Job said the Lord gives and takes away,

But with effort you can hold Him at bay.

I was planning a hundred and twenty.

But now I feel 101 was plenty.


But now he feels 101 was plenty.

Chorus: Fa la la, fa la la, Fa la la.

Fa la la.

Fa la la, fa la la, Fa la la.

Fa la la.


101 was plenty. fa la la . Forget the twenty. fa la la



Act II is about whistleblowers.  There are always a few people who will even risk death to get the truth out. Our first singer in Act II is John Magufuli, who was President of Tanzania when he died inexplicably in 2021. He had mocked the value of the PCR test -- you remember the nasal swab -- that billions of people were subjected to. Next is Rashid Buttar, an autism doctor. Before dying died in 2023, at age 57, he said that he was being poisoned.  Dr Erik Enby in Sweden discovered particles in a vial of Pfizer vaccine, of type Enby associates with putrefaction. He is no longer with us.  Dr James Miller is still alive. An affidavit he signed, presented in a song below, describes how he was persecuted for complaining about his hospital's breaches of the law, such as writing a false cause of death, on death certificates. Finally for Act II, we will hear Mike Yeadon, who was a scientist at Pfizer, talk about the bad batches. He said Pfizer and Moderna worked in cahoots on this.

6. President John Magufuli of Tanzania

My Paw-Paw Took the PCR Test   (“The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring


John Magufuli (1959 -2021)


Kary Mullis won a Nobel for the P.C.R. test          

But he warned that it couldn't diagnose.   

As a leader in Africa, I felt pressed        

To send something off to a lab for the test. 

So I sent them a paw-paw, disguised,

In order to test the test.


If a positive reading said “Yes, he’s got Covid,”

We’d all know the whole thing’s a scam.

Our paw-paw indeed scored high on the test,

But now a cadaver I am.

Tra la, la ah  la-ah -- tra la, la  la, la, lah.

Now a cadaver I am.


And what do I think of the W-H-O?

A disgrace to our race, it's quite sick.

Down here we're antivax to the nth degree

We know Bill Gates's goal is infertility.

That's why we call Tedros a prick,

Gheb-rey-esus, of Ethiopia, a prick.


It’s a pity when Africans fail to unite

To expose all the evil that’s hid.

In Covid we could've set the whole world right,

In fact I, myself, almost did.

Tra la, la ah  la-ah  -- tra la, la  la, la, ah.

I, myself, almost did.    

7. Rashid Buttar, OD

We Can Rule the Earth, You and I (“The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze“)


Dr Rashid Buttar, autism doctor (1966 -2023)


The sun, whose rays are all ablaze, tells us a story,

That life on Earth, in all its worth, gives God His glory.

I'm sad my days were cut so short, by misled nei-eighbors.

Their crazy drive, to stay on top, did them no favors.


I’d continue hyperbaric chambers, for my autistics.

I’d preach sun-shine for all -- it's got statistics! 

Good folks can rule the earth, as He the sky.

It takes a covenant of love.   Let's, you and I.


And don’t forget, I served as surgeon, in the Army.

Discovered things I need to share — these can’t keep going.

Please, Troops, be strong, pick out what’s wrong, and stop them growing.

Just use your brains; it only takes a bit of knowing.


Ah, pray make no mistake, we are not shy;

We’re very wide awake, you folks and I.

Good folks can rule the earth, as He the sky.

It takes a covenant of love — let’s, you and I.

8. Dr Erik Enby, discoverer of Enby Particles

Dr Erik Enby. Gargling with Putrefiers    (“Were You Not To Koko Plighted”)


Erik Enby (1938-2022)


All my life I was a rebel, just can’t stand to go along, 

But with Covid and the gargle, I am fu-urious, hence this song.  

To look at life includes the pla-ants, I was taught by En-derlein,

Pu-tre-faction should be studied; it’s OK to see decline.     

It’s OK to see decline.  


I found particles in over-ripe fruit,       slow down to triple the time

And in the blood of the very sick. 

Then 'ol Peratt brought to my lab,

A vial of Pfizer, to make a flick.  


He said Put this under the microscope, we'll see what's in that vaccine.

There were the chaperones of putre-fac-tion!  a test for Covid has them, too. 

Kids in Sweden, Korea, and Canada, had to gargle with my paaar-ti-cles –

"Enby par-ti-cles" -- Who knew?  


Swedish cops beat up 'ol Bjorn, then someone made him pass away.  

Was that a proper price to pay? Please say Nay, say Nay, say Nay.


This is what you shouldn't accept.

This is what you shouldn't accept.

You shouldn't accept.  You shouldn't accept.


Thanks to my wife I fought the good fight.

They cancelled my medical license in '07.

I lived to be old, eighty-four.

Now I'm stationed up in Heaven.


In Covid many doctors let us own. This must change. It can't go on.

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