I am not ashamed to be called a conspiracy theorist. Having a PhD in Politics I could hardly be unaware of how power works. Maybe we could sum it up as "Those who can, do." I believe they DO do. Why would they bother to
hold back? They feel a need to be "lonely at the top." Ask Machiavelli.

New information about the 20th century reveals that there was a fantastic convergence of power into a few hands. To cite just one example, it's now known that a handful of British lords arranged for World War I to happen. Quite different from what we were taught!

That was 1913, the same year as Congress allowed the "Federal Reserve Bank" to form -- though it is not federal and does not reserve. Such is the power of money that those bankers, and their buddies in the International Monetary Fund, et al, can now control nations. "They can, so they do." They also control resources worldwide, and recklessly harm the planet.

In that same era, the Tavistock mind-control guys started their business in the UK. By the 1920s they had their hands in the Psychology Department of such universities as Harvard, experimenting with "how to break the mother child bond." No joke. By now, in the 21st century, their ideas are used to try to make families a thing of the past. Talk about an anti-human goal!

Since 2005, I have been trying to sort this out to my own satisfaction and then to educate others. During this short campaign season, I'd like to be as straightforward as possible. My position is that the US government is not in
control of the nation. Only a great effort by the people can overcome this.


The bad globalist guys are diligently wishing every manner of suffering on us. Most likely they have painted themselves in a corner and many of the evil things they do are meant simply to keep us at bay. We'd be crazy to let this continue. Who gave them the right to re-design humanity? Did you?

As each year goes by, we have less ability to stand up to them. You should see some of the oppressive legislation that the states are sneaking in -- no guns, no parental rights, no chance to buy a home. Forced vaccinations. I have been in the thick of these troubles in Australia as well as here. Don't be embarrassed to take a chance on seeing conspiracies as real! They are!


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